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Exclusive Solid Composite Windows

Hollier’s Home Improvement proudly uses Starmark Evo Windows™, which stands between you and the extremes and is exclusive to our company. From the hottest summer to coldest winter, count on our energy-efficient products to weather the worst of temperature, wind, precipitation, and UV exposure.

You’ll experience a more comfortable home environment, improved energy conservation, and the resulting cost savings. Windows account for up to 25 percent of your home’s energy consumption. Starmark Evo Windows™ are filled with non-toxic Argon gas, which insulates better than air. These insulated windows are energy efficient and safe.

Window replacement or upgrades is something that most homes are going to need eventually. A Louisiana summer can test the insulation of your home, and a good set of windows can ensure that your home stays cool and keeps your AC working normally, instead of working overtime.

If you’ve purchased a new home, you can give us a call to have the windows inspected as well.

We can let you know how safe, insulated, or old the windows are and make recommendations about what sort of replacements you should consider. Or perhaps you think they look outdated and want to give your home a facelift by installing some nicer windows. Hollier’s Home Improvement has the best windows in Maurice, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and all of Acadiana, LA


Exclusive Insulated Siding

Hollier’s Home Improvement proudly uses Cedar Ridge® insulated siding for our customers. The Cedar Ridge siding offers a combination of unique design features, exceptional hand-milled cedar wood-grain finish, and high-performance insulation technology.

With Cedar Ridge insulated siding, you can experience an array of shapes, lines, colors, and finishes to create one-of-a-kind designs. You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind of industry-leading impact resistance, noise reduction, and maintenance freedom.

Cedar Ridge is some of the most sturdy sidings on the market. Whenever you want a siding company that uses the best (and installs it correctly), call Hollier’s Home Improvement. Let Hollier’s Home Improvement:

  • Install custom siding on your home
  • Beautify your home
  • Help insulate your home
  • Give you peace of mind

We’re happy to serve our incredible customers by providing the best siding possible. Siding is a great way to keep your home protected from rain, wind, heat sold, and anything else Louisiana can throw at it.

We know how rough Louisiana weather can be on your home, which is why we use the best techniques for ensuring that the siding that you have installed will last for the life of your home. Make sure you buy the best by using Hollier’s Home Improvements in Maurice, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and all of Acadiana, LA.

Soffits & Fascia

Soffits & Fascias help protect the exterior of your home by keeping out pests and give you a way to disguise ventilation for your attic. One of the main functions of the soffit is to assist in the ventilation process, without looking out of place.

The soffit typically features a design with small holes that provide air circulation. The air from the soffit cycles to the vents to draw heat and moisture away from the house, which is great for Louisiana. It keeps your insulation from getting too moist, which can prevent mold from growing.

This is a highly important function because moisture in the attic can develop rot in the sheathing and rafters. Hollier’s Home Improvement offers the best in soffit installation for Maurice, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and all of Acadiana, LA

  • Keep your attic ventilated and dry to prevent mold
  • Protect your home from the elements
  • Allow your home to look beautiful even though you have a utility installed

The fascia also plays a very important role since it creates a smoother, more even appearance for the edge of the roof. In addition to protecting the wooden board from water damage, the fascia protects the entire roof and the interior of the home from weather damage by blocking its entrance to the home.

The majority of homes will feature a fascia board, but some older home styles lack this component. Fascia isn’t something that homeowners normally think about as important, but if you look at our before and after photos below, you can really see the difference that a professional fascia installation can provide.

It’s truly a big difference whenever you see it compared in that manner. Maurice is home to Hollier’s Home Improvement, but we service Lafayette, Lake Charles, and all of Acadiana, LA.

Glass/Sun Rooms & Patios


Hollier’s Home Improvement offers several different glass room products. A glass room is a great way to enjoy the Louisiana views, but not be in the Louisiana weather. Our glass rooms are built with strong glass that is great for keeping the room cool and dry.

Call Hollier’s Home Improvement for a free estimate to get a glass room installed. Glass rooms differ from patio enclosures because they are completely surrounded by glass.

Patio enclosures tend to have less glass overall, while glass rooms are built for the maximum amount of sunlight intake. Hollier’s Home Improvement can perform jobs such as:

  • Glass room installation
  • Glass room remodeling
  • Custom outdoor heat solutions

Our glass rooms can be any size, and the windows can be specialty windows as well for different uses. We’ve installed glass rooms on many different sized homes, and we will accommodate your yard as well. We can maximize your space while keeping your patio from being blistering hot during those Louisiana summers. Hollier’s Home Improvement can give you a free estimate for a custom glass room in Maurice, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and all of Acadiana, LA. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today. (337) 988-3330


Hollier’s Home Improvement offers patio enclosures as an option for customers looking for protection from the sun and the elements. They offer protection from the sun’s rays and the elements. Louisiana summers can be extremely hot, even under a covered patio. If you get your entire patio enclosed, it is no longer an issue.

The difference between an enclosed patio and a glass room is the style of walls. A glass room tends to have more glass than walls, while a patio enclosure usually has windows, but not floor to ceiling glass. Hollier’s Home Improvement offers free quotes to ensure that you’re getting the best deal on our high end products.

An open patio is nice, but during an extremely hot Louisiana summer, the shade might not make a difference at all. Get yourself living in comfort by getting your current patio enclosed. It’s a great place to enjoy the company of your family and friends.

Call Hollier’s Home Improvement in Maurice, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and all of Acadiana, LA, for a patio enclosure quote. (337) 988-3330

Insulated Patio Covers

Patio Covers Installation in Maurice, Lafayette, Lake Charles, & All of Acadiana, LA

Hollier’s Home Improvement offers patio covers as an option for customers looking for protection from the sun and the elements but doesn’t want to enclose their deck or patio. You can still get that nice summer breeze. Patio Covers offer protection from the sun’s rays and the elements. Lafayette is known for getting some serious heat during the summer months, so make sure the sun isn’t beating you down. Hollier’s Home Improvement can install it in no time.

Our building techniques are state-of-the-art, and that means that we will do our best to ensure that your patio cover will last for the lifetime of your home. We use the best materials and techniques in the area to ensure that our builds always go according to plan.

On top of that, we’ll work with you closely to make sure that the patio cover you get is the same one that you see during the planning process. Let Hollier’s Home Improvement cover the next project for your home. We want to install the best patio cover you’ll ever buy. We love to serve our customers in Maurice, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and all of Acadiana, LA

(337) 988-3330 is the number to call for your home improvement quote.