Soffits & Fascias help protect the exterior of your home by keeping out pests and give you a way to disguise ventilation for your attic. One of the functions of the soffit is to assist in ventilating the attic. The soffit typically features a design with small holes that provide air circulation. The air from the soffit cycles to the vents to draw heat and moisture away from the house, which is great for Louisiana. This is a highly important function because moisture in the attic can develop rot in the sheathing and rafters. The fascia also plays a very important role since it creates a smoother, more even appearance for the edge of the roof. In addition to protecting the wooden board from water damage, the fascia protects the entire roof and the interior of the home from weather damage by blocking its entrance to the home. The majority of homes will feature a fascia board, but some older home styles lack this component. Lafayette is home to Hollier’s Home Improvement.